Monday, January 9, 2012

January 2, 2012

Alec "helping" to put up Christmas decorations.

He found a Santa hat from last year.

Monday - My project 365 is officially over! I can't believe it's been a year. I love this project because I can look back and remember the year in pictures. Here's a short recap and some of my favorite pictures from the year (maybe not that short!):

One of the first snows of the year!

I can barely remember Alec using a pacifier - he stopped using one in April at 18 months old.

We had a rough winter so we spent as much time as we could outside in February, that's a first for us.

First trip to the zoo!

One of my favorite pictures from the year.

Eric and his Grandma

We spent so much time outside this year - I love it!

We dyed Easter eggs, so much fun with a little one.

Alec helping me with some yard work.

We ate a lot of Popsicles and ice cream this year.

Mother's Day 2011

My birthday the big 3-0!

Foo Fighters in Little Rock

Travs game with my Sis.

Dawson came over during the summer.

Eric had some major dental work. Great smile! :)

We spent the latter part of the summer getting wet! It was so HOT!

Alec went to his first circus.

Our family vacay to FL!

Pumpkin Patch fun.

Fun Christmas memories.

Lots of smiles!

What a wonderful year! We hit a few bumps along the way but overall 2011 was the best yet! I definitely think blogging is a great way to remember and write down memories but trying to do a post a day with pictures is HARD! I think I'll scale it back this year and try to post weekly pictures and a recap of our week. I also want to take on some craft projects, DIY home projects, and baking/cooking projects. I may post about that from time to time. Happy 2012!

January 1, 2012

Sunday - Happy New Year! We went out for brunch this morning with some friends who were in town. Alec ate a lot of blueberry waffles and fruit. We had a good visit with our friends and Alec had a good time too!

That night, we had some other friends over to the house. We exchanged gifts and had dinner at Cactus Jacks. Alec got a push around Mater that makes bubbles. He loves it and pushes the toy around at full speed.