Friday, April 27, 2012

Alec is 2.5 Years Old!

Alec officially turned 2.5 on April 4th. I haven't been very good about updating Alec's milestones lately so this update is totally random because I have so many things I want to record.

First of all, these pictures are from Alec's Spring pictures at school.  They turned out really cute and it's nice to have a picture session without making plans and an appointment.

Here's what's going on in Alec's world:

Favorite Movies/TV Shows: Thomas the Train, Curious George, and all the Toy Story movies. He still loves the Cars movies too. He loves TV and we do watch a few shows together - Survivor and the Voice are 2 of our family favorites right now.

Favorite Toys: He has his "baby bear" that he's totally attached to.  Baby bear looks pretty rough but Alec loves him, we take baby bear everywhere. He also loves his little Lightening McQueen car. He takes it everywhere. He calls the car "my Queen." We have lots of toys but Alec is mostly into his cars and trains right now. I guess it's a boy thing!

Food: Alec isn't that picky for a toddler but eating still has its challenges. He loves chicken nuggets, fruit, yogurt, cheetos, cheese, and milk. Those are our go-to meals/snacks. He has started eating turkey and ham sandwiches which makes life a little easier. Veggies are still our biggest challenge but he will eat baby carrots and ranch dip. He also likes cheese ravioli and mac and cheese (the orange kind!). He's branched out more and will eat more of my cooking but it's still hit or miss with him.

Learning: Alec is like a sponge right now. He learns something new everyday. He speaks in full sentences and is pretty easy to understand. He knows his alphabet and can count to 10 (he can count past 10 but he skips around a lot). He's learning his colors. He's getting really good at putting his puzzles together and can match patterns and shapes really well. His fine motor skills have really developed.

Potty Training: There are no new developments in this area. Alec does really well at school but home is a challenge. Sometimes it's a fight to get him to use the potty.

Clothing/Size: Alec weighs about 35 lbs (from our home scale). He's wearing mostly 3T clothing but he can still wear 2T shorts (he's too tall for 2T jeans/pants). He's wearing a size 9 shoe. We don't go back to the doctor until he's 3.

We've been going to the Little Gym since January. I can really tell it's helped to improve his strength, coordination, and confidence (as far as trying new things). He loves to walk on the balance beam, hang from the uneven bars, and just climb on everything. It's also a nice outing for us during the work week.

It's amazing to see Alec growing up and developing into a little boy. He's really no longer a baby at all. He's our little buddy and we can't imagine life without him. He's at such a fun age and that makes the toddler moments a little easier to handle.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

I love Easter, it's one of those holidays (the commercial side of it) that you grow out of but when you have a kid, it's like you are a kid again. :) I love to dye Easter eggs, the candy (Cadbury Cream Eggs), and the Easter egg hunts. Our Easter started on Saturday, the Easter Bunny visited our house a day early since we were going to be traveling on Sunday. Alec left his Easter basket outside on the porch for the Easter Bunny to leave him some special surprises. Alec got lots of candy, some new sandals, and some training roller skates. I think Alec ate two pieces of chocolate before I even realized he could open the wrapper! My Mom came over to visit and we had brunch, made Easter treats, dyed easter eggs, and ate more candy!

Alec's Easter Basket

One of my Pinterest creations, these were so GOOD!

Another treat thanks to Pinterest, Silly Cinnabunnies. They looked better un-baked. 

Alec's Easter basket from Grandma.

Alec's Cinnabunny - he loves to decorate with sprinkles.

Trying out our creation.

Some Easter egg art work.

Dyeing Eggs!

Alec is drying his eggs with his new fan.

On Easter Sunday, we headed to Lamar. Eric's Grandma has lunch and an Easter egg hunt for all the grandkids (most are great-grandkids now). We had a great time, we hunted Easter eggs, visted with family, and took a really long nap (I needed this!). We made a day of it and didn't get back to Little Rock until 9:30.

Alec walking to Grandma Bobbie's house with his cousins and Poppy.

Alec's first Easter egg find.

I had the boys pose for a picture. They did all sorts of poses. :)

This was silly face pose.

This pose was Easter Bunny ears.

Round 2 of the Easter egg hunt. Mammie helped Alec while I took pictures.

Spring 2012

March has been a busy month for the Wyles Family. We are enjoying the warm weather and packing in as much as we can into our days. Back in early March, we went to Dawson and Chandler's birthday party at Ozark. We had a great time. Alec loves hanging out with his older cousins and playing with their toys - ha!

Chandler is 5!

Cute Football cake.

Alec playing with a "gum."

Dawson and Eric in their red Converse shoes.

The 3 amigos! I'm so glad they love playing with Alec, they are so good to him. :)

On March 24th, we spent most of the day at Pinnacle Mountain State Park. We had never been there before but had heard it was really nice. The day we went the weather was beautiful, there was a kite flying contest going on and lots of families were at the park. We had a picnic, did some "hiking", and played at the playground.

Our first picnic of 2012!
Alec loved this lookout telescope.

The playground at Pinnacle is awesome.
The last week of March, Eric finished up the rest of his dental implant surgery. That weekend, Alec stayed at Mammie and Poppy's house in Lamar. Since we were already in Lamar, we stopped by Grandpa's house for a visit. Alec loves school buses, we count them on the way to school everyday and he even has a little toy school bus. My dad has a school bus and wanted to take Alec on a ride. Alec loved riding in Grandpa's School Bus. He even got to open the door.
Alec's first school bus ride!

We are both fake smiling in this pic! :)