Sunday, October 16, 2011

October 15, 2011

This picture is blurry, but I love his expression.

Alec re-enacting a scene from his book "Mater the Greater"

Snuggled up with Trunks, Elmo, and Bear watching Toy Story
Saturday- Eric didn't get home until around 4 a.m. so Alec and I had the morning to ourselves. We got out early and headed to the Little Gym for a free intro class. I've been looking for indoor activities for Alec this winter and this one is on the list - he had a blast. He did a lot of climbing and jumping, perfect for getting out some energy.

After the gym, we headed out to run some errands. We stopped at the pet store and we looked at all the fish, turtles, and birds. Alec kept running up to the aquariums and saying "hi fish!" We had a lunch at Chick-fila and Alec played in the indoor playground. We headed home and Alec took a  3 hour nap! My mom came for a visit and we had a nice little evening at home while Eric went to a roller derby game. Great Saturday!

October 14, 2011

My boys, getting hugs and kisses in the morning. :)

Can you guess what Alec is going to be for Halloween?

Friday - Tonight Alec and I were on our own - Eric had plans and was out all evening. Alec and I shopped for a Halloween costume and then had dinner at All Aboard. The sword is the only part of Alec's costume that he actually likes, I'm hoping that changes by Halloween.

October 13, 2011

Thursday - This week has been bad for pics! None today either.

October 12, 2011

Alec and Grandpa watching "Follow that Bird" (Big Bird Movie from the 80s)

Let the potty training begin!

Alec loves this book, every night he asks to read "Mater the Greater"
Wednesday - My Dad came down and stayed overnight for a visit and to go to a Dr.'s appointment today. This morning he and Alec woke up early, while I was getting ready for work they watched one of Alec's favorite movies. It's one of only a couple of Sesame Street movies and it's from 1986. Oh well, I guess Big Bird is never out of style.

This week we also introduced Alec to the potty. I'm not even ready to begin potty training - just not mentally there. But since Alec shows no interest in getting out of diapers, I thought it might be a good idea to start talking about it. So, we bought a potty and 3 potty books. I'm not sure about a couple of the books, yes they get the point across but it's almost too weird/funny for me to read. I laugh at some of the parts. However, the Pirate Potty book is awesome. Alec now asks to read it every night. :)

October 11, 2011

Tuesday - My camera didn't make an appearance today. I went from work to 3 hours of meetings and then straight to bed. I was completely wore out!

But I did get Alec's Birthday Party pictures back this week, so here's some of my favorites. All photos are by Candice Lawrence.

October 10, 2011

Eric working on the couch

Monday - Today was a holiday for me - one of the perks of working for the feds - ha! I spent the morning with Alec, had lunch with Eric, and then did some shopping on my own but didn't have much luck. I've always loved shopping but I'm getting to the point where if it doesn't come from Kroger or Target - I don't care! I guess that's what having kids will do to ya!

October 9, 2011

Sunday - Today we stayed at home. I've been needing to clean out the garage for several months. It was getting bad! So I cleaned the garage and Eric painted the cabinet.  We did have a little scare - a black widow spider decided to make a home in our garage. I hate spiders and I'm pretty much terrified of them. I'd never seen an alive black widow in person before, but it was really big and had a bright orange marking on its belly. Gross! Thankfully, Eric killed it before it did any damage and took up permanent residence.

October 8, 2011

His favorite part of the patch the corn pit!

He had a great time in the hay maze.

Alec and his pumpkin.

Saturday - Have I mentioned fall is my favorite season? :)

Today we headed out Bo Brook pumpkin patch in Roland. It's only about 25 minutes from our house and it was perfect. There were not a lot of people and you could just walk out to the patch to get your pumpkins. We had a great time. We started out at watching the farm animals and playing in the corn pit. Alec picked out a jack-o-lantern and got his face painted. He loved wandering around in the hay maze. We picked out our pumpkins and then headed home. It was a little too hot but we made it work!

Afterward, we stopped for lunch at Big Orange in the Promenade. It's a new burger place in Little Rock. It was so good, we'll definitely be going back.