Friday, June 22, 2012

June 2012

I think June has been just as busy as May! It could be the fact that we are doing Whole30 this month, swimming lesson (2x per week), and Little Gym on Saturdays. Plus, Eric has started going to CrossFit 3x per week in the mornings. Even though it's been busy, we've squeezed some fun in this month. Here's a recap in pics of June 2012 (so far).

My sister came home the first week of June from Dallas. We celebrated her 28th birthday (what?!). My whole family came and we had grilled out and had a cute little cake for her (Eric and I ate fruit!). I didn't get a lot of pictures, I've been really bad about that lately. Allison stayed all weekend at our house. We visited with Mom and Dad on Saturday,  and watched a local movie,  The Gleaning, at the Little Rock Film Festival. On Sunday, we stayed around the house and played outside.

Alec also finished up his first season of Little Gym. They had a show night on June 4th and family could join to watch the kids. Alec was a little shy with so many new people there and would not get his medal. The top picture is him hiding in this tube thing while everyone else got their medals. We love The Little Gym and will be going this summer too.

Alec had to put his underwear on backwards

No longer a "diaper bag" it's a change of clothes bag!

Alec wanted to ride his bike in just his undies and his tummy.

The weekend of the 9th, I had a 3-day weekend so I decided it was time to go diaper/pull up free and take potty training seriously. I stayed at home with Alec all day on Friday and we basically traded underwear for pullups (he still sleeps in them). We went to the potty at least once an hour. We had a few accidents but overall he did great. He got M&Ms every time he went potty. On Saturday, we had a lot of activities to do outside of the house. We went to Little Gym, a birthday party at the Painted Pig, and a cookout that afternoon. Alec did really well on the potty and didn't have an accident. He did well the rest of the weekend and went to school on Monday in undies. Since he did so well, we all went to Target and Alec picked out a toy - he picked a little Woody doll. We've had some accidents but he's doing better everyday. I'm so proud of him.

For Father's Day, Eric wanted to ride a train. So, I found a train ride in Van Buren that went to Winslow and got tickets. We had lunch on the train (it was provided but not Whole30 friendly so we brought our own food).  It was a lot of fun and very relaxing it was nice to just sit there and Alec did really well for most of the trip. The last picture is of some artwork Alec and I did for Eric. We painted Alec's hand prints and then Alec decorated it with stickers and some markers.

I think Alec splashed me in the face about 10 times

Alec after bath

One of my most favorite photos ever!
The rest of pics are random from this month. We started swimming lessons this month. Alec is doing really well and seems too advanced for the class he's in - it's such a nice difference from last year. He cried every lesson last year until the last couple of weeks. He loves to jump into the water.

We also watched Madagascar 3 last weekend. It's such a good movie and Alec loved it. I downloaded the soundtrack because the songs are just so much fun - Afro Circus is my favorite. We've listened to this ever day this week - Alec will say I want to listen to my new music.

A couple of random Alec-isms from this month. He's really started asking questions, you can just see the gears turning when he asks a question. One of his favorites to ask is "Where you got that from, Mommy?" This could be food, a toy, or some music we are listening to in the car. He's also realizing that he'll be able to do things when he gets older that he can't do now. For instance, he wants to swim by  himself at swimming lessons and I'll tell him in a couple of years you'll be swimming all by yourself. He'll start thinking and say "When I'm bigger like you and you'll be little like me?" It's like he asking a question, I think he thinks he'll be an adult one day and Eric and I will be kids and he'll help us do things. It's so sweet. I just tell him he'll be bigger one day like me (maybe even bigger than me) and I'll be the same size I am right now.

Alec is still really affectionate and wants hugs and kisses all the time. He's always telling me he loves me. It's so sweet.  He's also started playing really well by himself. He can sit and play with his cars or trains and be perfectly content. It's really nice for him to play in the kitchen floor while I'm cooking dinner. He still loves T.V. - we tried to back that off quite a bit this month. He watches Curious George in the morning when he's waking up and maybe a movie or 2 once a week. I'd rather have activities going then sitting in front of the T.V. all evening.

That's about if for June so far - we are going to Memphis this weekend to watch Norah Jones in concert. It'll be good to get away for a day. Happy Summer!

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