Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Second Time Around!

We found out on February 9th that we were expecting a little one. We were actually celebrating Valentine’s day that weekend and Alec was in Lamar. My last meal before we found out was sushi and wine, I guess it was meant to be!

We had our first doctor’s appointment on March 7th and got to see our new little one for the first time. Everything checked out great. We told some close friends and our immediate families over the next 2 weeks. We had our second appointment at 12.5 weeks on April 4th. We heard the heartbeat on the Doppler and the doctor gave us the OK to tell the world.

How far along? 14 weeks and 4 days, due October 13, 2013.

Total weight gain/loss: +4 lbs. My skinny jeans wouldn’t button on Friday, so I did the rubber band trick. Not super comfortable having my pants unbuttoned and unzipped at work but I made it work. The next day I pulled out the bella band and it worked like charm. I still mostly look like I ate too much at lunch and not like I’m growing a baby. I definitely show more later in the day. A few co-workers and strangers have guessed that I’m pregnant.

Maternity clothes? Here and there for comfort, most of my clothes still fit. I pulled out my old maternity clothes this weekend and was surprised that most would work this time around. I guess that’s a good thing about having your kids with due dates during the same month. I did make a few purchases to update my wardrobe for this time around. I’ll probably buy some maxi dresses for later on, they just work the best when you are growing everywhere and it’s 100+ degrees.

Sleep: At least once per night I’m getting up for a bathroom trip and it seems like Alec is waking me at least once also. So, not the best but I’m trying to go to bed early to counter the wake ups. This weekend, I pulled out my “pillow husband” as Eric and I affectionately call my maternity pillow. This time around having the king size bed has definitely made a difference – so happy with that purchase.

Food cravings: Fruit and more fruit! Of course pizza, burgers, and ice cream sound awesome but I’m trying to limit my junk food to once or twice per week. I’m also happy to report that I can actually eat Paleo-ish again. I’m not eating a lot of meat like normal, I just don’t want it as much. I try to keep the meals light and that helps with the queasiness and the super full feeling. On a regular basis, the only non-paleo food I’m eating right now is a gluten free bagel/English muffin for breakfast. I just need some sort of bread in the morning. Still can’t stand eggs but I’m starting to eat sweet potatoes again.

Exercise: Switched to modified Crossfit workouts this week. I warm up with the class and do a modified (less weight, not trying to max out) strength workout with the group. I’m really inconsistent on my workouts and trying to do at least 2 a week. However, illness and sleep trump working out at this point. I’m definitely more active this time around and it feels so good. I’m hoping I can get more consistent now that I’m getting my energy back.

Gender: So far, I’ve not really had a feeling either way. I was so sure Alec was a boy early on. I think girl but that could just be wishful thinking. I think having one of each would be so fun. Although, 2 boys would be awesome too.

What I miss: Sushi, wine, and being able to have any caffeine!

Milestones:  Finally starting to feel “normal” again – starting the second trimester and hearing a good heartbeat on the Doppler at our last doctor’s appointment.

This time around: So far, this pregnancy has been worse as far as symptoms. I’ve had all day nausea (no throwing up, thank goodness!). It was really bad around 6 weeks through about 11 weeks. I’ve been popping mints and preggie pops like crazy. Last time, I gained 8 lbs. in the first trimester. This time, I didn’t gain any weight. I also had a stomach virus in week 10 and that was no fun. Speaking of illness, I have been so sick this time around. Blame it on the weakened immune system and a preschooler who attends daycare. Also, in my first pregnancy, I was hot from day one. This time I’ve been freezing! I’ll have my hot flashes but I’m usually huddled under a blanket. The exhaustion seems worse, but that could be because I’m chasing Alec around. I’m always tired. There’s been a few days I’ve came home from work and just went to sleep, it’s been rough on all 3 of us. I’ve been trying to take it easy and that seems to help. This week seems to be the turning point and I’ve felt much better and my symptoms have subsided a lot.
The current state of my baby belly!

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